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Our Story

We are a 501(c)(3) registered in the state of Georgia. 

A friend Ministry was created out of a desire for connection. We all can relate to needing a friendly smile or hello. Haven’t we all been inspired by a random word of encouragement? 2020 made this ever more real for our organization. While we watched as our society began to struggle with its identity and lose its sense of connection, we  wondered how we could help.


At A friend Ministry, we focus on encouraging priests because they give so much to us with little regard for themselves. Our first goal was to write to all priests in Georgia. The positive response from priests who have received a letter caused this form of encouragement to grow, taking our ministry nationwide. Our letters are always written anonymously, which has given priests a new way of looking at their parishioners.


Truly, while all the credit for forming this ministry will fall to God and inspiration from Our Lady, if it weren’t for one beloved Priest none of this would exist. We will always be grateful for his encouragement and his continuing support.

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