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The First Three Trips To Louisiana

Trip 1

September 9th-10th

Our first trip to Louisiana took us to Raceland, where two priests and a consecrated virgin were running a distribution center out of their church. Saint Hilary of Poitiers was on the outskirts of the heavily damaged areas of the bayou. They were distributing to eleven different Catholic Churches. Due to the generosity of the parishioners of Christ Our King and Savior Catholic Church in Greensboro, GA we were able to take down various donations.

Trip 2

September 23rd-25th

The second trip was to Houma and Dulac, Louisiana. Donations came from Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Milledgeville and COKAS. They were taken to a warehouse in Houma that's run by the local group of Catholic Charities. They were acting as the main point of distribution so groups could have specific needs met. After dropping the donations off, we drove the short thirty minute drive to Dulac. Here we helped with one of Holy Family Catholic Church's daily distributions. At this point into the aftermath of the storm they were only seeing linemen. Roughly a week after our trip, they got power back on the main street.

Trip 3

October 28th-31st

This trip we spent in Dulac helping Holy Family. We took down any remaining donations. After our last trip they changed distribution days from daily to weekly. We were able to help them distribute gas, cleaning supplies, blankets, and more one morning. While there we were also able to help Mrs. Marie haul off furniture and clean up outside her home. We also helped Mrs. Sarah trim up a damaged oak tree to make it look better until professionals could get out.

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